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ADHD Testing and ADHD Treatment

ADHD testing, ADHD diagnosis, ADHD treatment | Neurokin

ADHD evaluation for adults

Whether you think you’ve been misdiagnosed in the past, or are ready to determine if you have ADHD, we’re here to help. Our ADHD treatment always begins with science-based ADHD evaluation and testing, and ends with customized care tailored to you.

Reaching adulthood with untreated ADHD is not easy, and neither is the diagnosis. We believe that an ADHD evaluation should not be rushed or convenient. Research has proven that testing alone is insufficient to diagnose ADHD. That's why we strive to deliver a comprehensive evaluation that includes not only neurocognitive testing but also a detailed interview and examination by a qualified ADHD specialist.

We use only science-based tools to map out your mind, evaluating your risk and existing ADHD symptoms. Whether your diagnosis determines you’re struggling with the symptoms of ADHD or another cognitive or psychiatric condition, our team will help you get the resources you need to embrace your neurodivergence and learn how to better navigate the world.

Types of ADHD

ADHD categorization has changed over time. Here are the 3 subtypes currently recognized in the healthcare field:

Hyperactive-impulsive type

Some symptoms include difficulties sitting still, feeling restless, talking too much, difficulties controlling emotions and making impulsive decisions.

Inattentive type

Characterized by difficulty focusing, being easily distracted, and struggling to stay organized.

Combined type

Patients with this type display overlapping symptoms from both of the other categorizations.

ADHD symptoms

  • Hyperactivity

    Hyperactivity looks different in everyone. It might be that you’re exceptionally fidgety, have difficulty sitting still or staying on task, or have episodes of very high energy/high productivity.

  • Lack of focus

    Being inattentive, failing to stay on task, and frequently getting distracted or losing your train of thought are hallmarks of ADHD. We’ll help you decide if this applies to you.

  • Lack of organization

    Lack of organization can manifest in a number of ways. These include a messy house (despite your best efforts) and sometimes even a lack of good time management skills.

ADHD testing, ADHD diagnosis, ADHD treatment | Neurokin

ADHD objective cognitive testing for better brain health

We use modern solutions like QbTest tests to objectively measure your cognitive abilities and challenges. Then, we determine the diagnosis that identifies your condition or coexisting conditions.

We understand how difficult it can be to get a proper neurological diagnosis, especially for certain populations. That’s why we use modern tests like QbTest to objectively measure and quantify your cognitive abilities and challenges. Then, our expert team will make sure you get a proper diagnosis for your condition or conditions and a compassionate, customized care plan to help navigate them.

ADHD testing, ADHD diagnosis, ADHD treatment with Creyos | Neurokin

ADHD Neurocognitive testing for adults

Some of the most powerful tools are the cognitive assessments and health questionnaires are designed by Creyos.

Creyos helps us accurately measure your neurological health with engaging tests that many patients actually enjoy. Then, we’ll go over your assessment results and talk together before deciding on a care plan that works for your cognitive goals and lifestyle.
Neurokin uses a leading brain health assessment platform, Creyos Health, to quickly measure cognition and other areas of health and wellness. Your healthcare practitioner will offer these measures to assess, monitor, and manage core areas of cognition to ensure that your treatment is on the right track.

ADHD evaluation and consultation

We use a combination of a comprehensive interview coupled with science-based neuro cognitive tests that can help us determine whether or not you have ADHD. ADHD can present very differently in adults than it does in children. Similarly, different genders often experience and exhibit different symptoms due partly to social norms. We’ll sift through the data to deliver you a comprehensive evaluation with accurate results.

ADHD diagnosis and assessment

After your evaluation, we will talk together through your symptoms and challenges and deliver a more accurate diagnosis the first time. We know misdiagnoses are common for ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions, so we strive to be different.

ADHD treatment and ADHD medication

Once you’ve received your testing and diagnosis, we will work together to create a comprehensive care plan that helps solve some of your biggest ADHD challenges. Every ADHD patient experiences ADHD differently, so your care plan will be unique to you. We hope to help you navigate the world with less stress, without repressing the parts of your unique mind that define you.

We create transformational experiences

Neurology and cognitive certifications

FAQ about adult ADHD treatment near you

  • How do I know if I have ADHD?

    Do I have ADHD? It's a common question that drives our patients to seek professional help.

  • How do I pay for neurological and cognitive services?

    We currently offer self-pay services for the conditions we treat. In the future, we will begin accepting private insurance.

  • What type of experience do you have treating ADHD?

    Karina Campos, founder of Neurokin holds a specialty certification in ADHD and has extensive knowledge in neurological conditions. As an adult gerontology nurse practitioner, she has experience distinguishing between undiagnosed ADHD and memory concerns related to cognitive impairment in older adults.

  • How does Neurokin stand out from other practices?

    There are many reasons to choose a smaller, more personal practice for your personalized care. While bigger practices can treat and diagnose, none offer the personal, tailored experience that Karina Campos does with Neurokin. You can depend on your cognitive health services provider to follow up, follow through, and be there with you every step of the way.

  • Is it possible to have multiple conditions at the same time?

    In short, yes, it is. The providers at Neurokin are not afraid to carefully understand and diagnose even overlapping conditions, so that you can receive the tailored care that’s right for your mind and body.

  • What qualifies Neurokin to provide such unique cognitive services?

    Neurokin’s lead practitioner (Karina Campos) is a board certified adult-gerontology nurse practitioner. This allows her to offer comprehensive cognitive health treatments to a wide range of patients. Her experience and hands-on knowledge as a neurology nurse practitioner helped her build a unique skillset to help the patients that need it most.

  • What other conditions do you treat?

    In addition to adult ADHD treatment, we also offer treatment for several other conditions. These include headaches and migraines, concussions and dizziness, and memory concerns related to dementia.

Ready for proper, comprehensive ADHD care?

Our team is ready to hear from you. For answers to your follow-up questions or to schedule care today, get in touch with us.