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Migraine Headache Treatment and Diagnosis

Migraine and headache treatment and diagnosis | Neurokin

Migraine & headache treatment

Find out what’s causing your headaches and the best way to treat them. Our headache experts are ready to help you get relief today.

We help patients with new and existing headache conditions.

There are many reasons you might be experiencing headaches or migraines. Whether your condition is ongoing or you’re experiencing symptoms for the first time, we know how to diagnose and treat your condition. If you’re living with head or neck pain, you can trust our team to get to the bottom of the cause and figure out the best way to relieve your symptoms. Headaches and migraines aren’t just painful; they can disrupt your daily life and call for proper care.

Types of headaches & migraines we treat

Did you know that headaches aren’t all the same? Different types of headaches may require different types of treatment, so understanding your headache type is important. Here are just a few:


Migraine headaches can feel like throbbing deep within the head and are often accompanied by light sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, and other debilitating symptoms that can last for days.

Chronic headaches

Headaches arise from problems within the pain-sensitive structures of the head, while secondary headaches can manifest as a symptom of an underlying illness or condition.

Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches are often felt as severe burning and piercing pain behind one eye or on one side of the face. They might also include swelling, redness, flushing, and sweating.

Sinus headaches

Sinus headaches are often felt in the front of the forehead, where the sinus cavity is. They can be due to allergies, dry air, pressure changes, or sinusitis and are often misdiagnosed.

Tension headaches

Tension headaches are often caused by stress and can manifest in the neck and shoulders, at the base of the back of the head, or as a band across the forehead.

Migraine and headache treatments & symptoms

  • What causes migraines?

    The exact cause of migraines is unknown, but they are often associated with acute changes in the blood vessels/blood flow, nerves, and chemicals in the brain.

  • What is the difference between migraines and other headaches?

    Like other headaches, migraines cause pain in the head and neck. However, migraine headaches are usually accompanied by other, more severe symptoms that can be disruptive to daily life.

  • What is the best way to treat headaches?

    Your headache treatment plan will depend on the type of headache you’re diagnosed with. There are a number of home remedies you can try if you are experiencing symptoms now, including lying in a dark, quiet room, applying a cold or warm compress to your head and neck, consuming small amounts of caffeine to boost blood flow, and taking over-the-counter painkillers to alleviate symptoms.

Did you know you can treat your headaches with Botox Injections?

Backed by clinical trials, Botulinum toxin treatment offer proven effectiveness in managing chronic migraines, providing a reliable treatment option. It’s time you experience relief from persistent headaches with our innovative Botox injection treatment.

Headache & migraine testing

We use a series of simple, science-based tests to help us see what could be causing your headaches or migraines. After a series of questions about your recent experiences, we’ll help determine the cause and get you the treatment you need.

Migraine & headache treatment

Once you’ve received your testing and diagnosis, we will work together to create a comprehensive care plan that helps mitigate your painful headache symptoms. If you’re experiencing migraines, we’ll help you identify possible indications that a migraine is coming and work with you to decide the best plan for your care.

Botox therapy

We help manage migraines using Botox injections. Botox can effectively numb specific nerve endings and diminish muscle spasms. Botox is presently the sole FDA-approved remedy for migraines. By inducing muscle relaxation, Botox can alleviate migraine indications and potentially lower their occurrence rate.

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Headache & migraine FAQs

  • What causes migraine headaches?

    If you’re prone to migraines, there could be one or several causes. Stress can be a cause for many migraine sufferers. Other causes include bright or flashing lights, strong odors (mainly chemical smells like perfume, gasoline, nail polish or paint thinner), and other sensory stimuli that can cause migraines.

  • What is the best cluster headache treatment?

    One of the best ways to relieve a cluster headache is through increased oxygen intake. Considering most of us lack access to pure oxygen, deep breathing exercises are the next-best at-home treatment. There are also migraine medications that can help manage cluster headache symptoms.

  • How can I tell if my headache is dangerous?

    Some headaches can indicate other issues, like an impending stroke or heart health issues. If your headache is sudden and severe, or if it is accompanied by symptoms such as vision changes, slurred speech, numbness, loss of balance, or confusion, seek help immediately. If your headache is the worst you’ve ever felt, or worsens over a period of 24 hours, you should also seek help from a doctor or emergency department.

  • What are my sinus headache treatment options?

    Sinus headaches are sometimes due to seasonal or other allergies. Identifying your allergies is an essential first step and can be done with the help of your doctor or allergist. Then, minimizing exposure to these allergens and preparing for headaches before they begin can help you reduce your pain and other symptoms.

  • Will exercise help my headaches?

    Some evidence suggests that exercise can decrease the severity and frequency of your headaches. Not only does exercise improve your mood, it helps manage stress and improve circulation throughout the head and body. It also promotes better sleep and healthier blood pressure ranges.

  • Are there any home remedies for tension headache treatment?

    Tension headaches are often caused by unmanaged stress. Identifying the source of your stress through regular journaling can be an excellent first step. Once you understand the cause of your stress, there are many practices that can help manage it if done regularly. These include breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, journaling, reducing alcohol intake, and giving yourself time for rest and restoration.

Ready for headache treatment and relief?

Don’t wait to get relief from ongoing headaches. We can help manage your pain and are ready to create a treatment plan that’s right for your headache types and symptoms today.