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Autism Diagnosis and Treatment

ADHD testing, ADHD diagnosis, ADHD treatment | Neurokin

Autism evaluation for adults

Autism often leaves one feeling like an outsider in their own story. Imagine the challenge of articulating thoughts that never seem to find the right moment or the right words, the struggle of eye contact, and the longing to connect. We see beyond these challenges to the person you are.
At Neurokin, we cultivate a supportive environment where our patients feel respected and understood. we value neurodiversity, recognizing that everyone's unique neurological traits enrich our community. We celebrate the diverse strengths that neurodivergent individuals bring, appreciating their varied perspectives and talents. Our goal is to empower neurodivergent individuals to thrive by promoting self-awareness of their unique strengths.

We’re dedicated to helping our patients gain a deeper understanding of themselves—exploring their strengths and challenges, developing coping strategies, and enhancing their quality of life. We recognize that autism presents differently in each individual, so we customize our approach to meet your specific goals and needs.

Navigating autism: a comprehensive approach

Explore Neurokin's approach to autism, emphasizing its diverse impact, spectrum understanding, and the benefits of diagnosis and treatment

Impact on daily life

Autism is a developmental disorder impacting communication, behavior, & social skills in varying degrees.

The spectrum nature of autism

ASD exists on a spectrum, meaning its effects & symptoms can range from mild to severe, uniquely affecting each individual

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis & treatment can significantly improve the lives of those with autism, enhancing their ability to lead fulfilling personal & professional lives.

ASD symptoms

  • Difficulty with social Interactions

    Individuals with autism often find it challenging to understand social cues, engage in conversations, and develop friendships, which impacts their ability to connect with others.

  • Repetitive behaviors

    Many people with ASD exhibit repetitive behaviors or have very specific routines that provide them comfort. Any disruption to these routines can cause distress.

  • Sensory sensitivities

    Individuals on the autism spectrum may experience heightened sensitivity to sensory inputs, like light, sound, and touch, which can range from mildly annoying to extremely overwhelming.

ADHD testing, ADHD diagnosis, ADHD treatment | Neurokin

Diagnostic Evaluation for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Your diagnostic journey at Neurokin begins with an initial consultation where your provider obtains extensive background information on your developmental history, social interactions, communication skills, and sensory sensitivities. We utilize the MIGDAS-2, an empirically validated tool specifically designed to gather and organize the information needed to diagnose autism in adults. This structured interview explores your daily behaviors and interactions to understand your profile across various domains.
During your second visit, we will conduct neurocognitive testing that is designed to assess various cognitive domains to create your individualized cognitive profile. The testing can be done in the office or remotely at the comfort of your home with the assistance of a medical assistant.
Following your testing session, you will complete a set of scientifically validated psychological scales, designed to provide further insights into your profile. We also include informant scales which are crucial for gathering comprehensive behavioral and social information from family members or close associates who know you well. If necessary, we will conduct a scheduled phone interview with the informant to gather further details and ensure a thorough understanding. These tools help us gather insights into various aspects of your experience, emphasizing a holistic view of your strengths and areas where support might be beneficial.
Your third visit will be a feedback session where we discuss the comprehensive results of your assessment. You will receive a detailed diagnosis, and together, we will develop recommendations for supports and strategies that focus on enhancing your strengths and addressing areas of challenge.

Diagnostic Evaluation Tools

1. Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition (MIGDAS-2), a widely recognized standard assessment for diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder in adults.

2. Creyos platform, designed to assess various cognitive domains. Testing helps your provider identify cognitive patterns commonly seen in ASD as well as other neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADHD. It also helps in identifying cognitive weaknesses that could affect daily functioning.
For detailed information on how Creyos testing is conducted and what specific cognitive domains are assessed, please visit our detailed page on Creyos Neurocognitive Testing here.
3. Scientifically validated psychological scales allow us to gain a full understanding of your psychological profile. Some of the scales we utilize include:  ● RBQ-2A (Repetitive Behaviors Questionnaire-2A): Measures repetitive behaviors and sensory sensitivities.● EQ (Empathy Quotient): Measures social skills, empathy capabilities, and emotional responsiveness.● Social Responsiveness Scale-2 (SRS-2): Measures social awareness, social cognition, social communication, social motivation, and restricted interests and behaviors.● RAADS-RV (Revised Autism Spectrum Quotient): Measures ability to identify autistic traits in adults, differentiating between ASD and other conditions.● CAT-Q (Camouflaging Autistic Traits Questionnaire) consists of items that assess different aspects of camouflaging behavior, including, social masking, compensation strategies, internal experiences, motivations for camouflaging, and impact on well-being.● Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile: Measures sensory processing patterns and how sensory issues affect daily functioning.● PID-5 (Personality Inventory for DSM-5): Measures traits related to personality functioning helping to distinguishing between symptoms of ASD and comorbid personality traits or disorders.● PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire-9): Measures depressive symptoms which is pertinent to ASD as depression often co-occurs in individuals with ASD.● GAD-7 (Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7): Measure anxiety symptoms which frequently accompanies ASD.● ASRS (Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale): Assesses symptoms of ADHD, which often overlap with ASD symptoms.● Barkley Deficits of Executive Functioning Scale (BDEFS): Assesses key domains of executive functioning, including inhibition, working memory, emotional control, self- regulation of motivation, planning and problem-solving abilities.

ADHD testing, ADHD diagnosis, ADHD treatment with Creyos | Neurokin

Begin your ASD journey with Neurokin

Let our team of ASD certified specialists establish the right diagnosis, treatment, and care. Let us join you on your journey to self-discovery.

Autism evaluation and consultation

We use a combination of science-based cognitive tests and interview tests that can help us determine whether or not you have Autism Spectrum Disorder. ASD can present very differently in adults than it does in children. Similarly, different genders often experience and exhibit different symptoms due partly to social norms. We’ll sift through the data to deliver you a comprehensive evaluation with accurate results.

ASD diagnosis and assessment

After your evaluation, we will talk together through your symptoms and challenges so we can be sure we’re delivering an accurate diagnosis. We know misdiagnoses are common for ASD and other neurodivergent conditions, so we strive to be different.

ASD treatment

Once you’ve received your testing and diagnosis, we will work together to create a comprehensive care plan that helps solve some of your biggest ASD challenges. Every ASD patient experiences ASD differently, so your care plan will be unique to you. We hope to help you navigate the world with less stress, without repressing the parts of your unique mind that define you.

We create transformational experiences

FAQ about adult autism treatment near you

  • How do I know if I have Autism Spectrum Disorder?

    Do I have autism? It's a common question that drives our patients to seek professional help.

  • Is the diagnostic evaluation covered by insurance?

    The comprehensive evaluation and testing protocols we implement for ASD are not covered by insurance. The total fee for the diagnostic evaluation for ASD is $1,000. The cost can be divided per session.
    If you decide to continue treatment at Neurokin after the diagnostic assessment, yourinsurance may cover those visits if we are contracted with them. Any applicable co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible amounts will be your responsibility as specified in your plan.

  • What qualifies Neurokin to provide such unique cognitive services?

    The entire diagnostic evaluation will be conducted by Karina Campos, a certified autism and ADHD specialist with an extensive clinical background in neurology. Karina is a certified autism specialist through the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). She is also an ADHD certified clinical services provider (ADHD-CCSP).

  • What are the treatment options available after an autism diagnosis?

    After an autism diagnosis, there's a range of personalized treatment options including medications and non-pharmacological treatment. We focus on developing individual strengths and addressing challenges to improve overall quality of life and functional independence.

  • How does Neurokin stand out from other practices?

    We take a scientific-based approach to testing, diagnostic, and treatments that delivers a unique and personalized experience. You can trust on your cognitive health services provider to follow up, follow through, and be there with you every step of the way. Most of our staff members are neurodivergent and understand your challenges first-hand.

  • Is it possible to have multiple conditions at the same time?

    In short, yes, it is. The providers at Neurokin are given ample time and structure to dig deep to carefully understand and diagnose underling and overlapping conditions, so that you can receive the tailored care that’s right for your mind, body, and lifestyle.

  • What other conditions do you treat?

    In addition to ASD treatment, we also offer testing, diagnosing, and treatment for several other conditions. These include ADHD, headaches and migraines, concussions and dizziness, and memory concerns related to dementia.

Ready for proper, comprehensive autism care?

Our team is ready to hear from you. For answers to your follow-up questions or to schedule care today, get in touch with us.