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Award-Winning ADHD Testing with QbTest


Objective cognitive data for better brain health

We use modern solutions like QbTest tests to objectively measure your cognitive abilities and challenges. Then, we determine the diagnosis that identifies your condition or coexisting conditions.

We understand how difficult it can be to get a proper neurological diagnosis, especially for certain populations. That’s why we use modern tests like QbTest to objectively measure and quantify your cognitive abilities and challenges. Then, our expert team will make sure you get a proper diagnosis for your condition or conditions and a compassionate, customized care plan to help navigate them.

Your provider has recommended a QbTest, what should you expect?

If you're seeking a diagnosis for ADHD, there are a number of testing options available to you. One of the newer methods is QBTest, which uses advanced technology to track a patient's performance over time. Learn more about the testing process, the benefits, and the limitations of using QbTest for ADHD diagnosis.

  • What is QbTest ADHD testing?

    QbTest is a computer-based test designed to assess the symptoms of ADHD. This innovative technology provides objective measures of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis of ADHD.

  • What to Expect from the Testing Process

    The QbTest ADHD testing process is easy and non-invasive. It typically takes around 15-20 minutes to complete, and you'll need a computer or tablet with internet access to take the test. During the test, you'll be presented with a series of simple visual and auditory tasks. You'll be asked to respond to these tasks quickly and accurately. The test measures your reaction time, accuracy, and variability in responses. Once you complete the test, your results will be sent to a your healthcare professional for analysis and interpretation.

  • Benefits of QbTest ADHD testing

    One of the key benefits of using QbTest for ADHD diagnosis is that it's a non-invasive, objective measure of a patient's symptoms. It can be difficult for doctors to diagnose ADHD based solely on self-reported symptoms, as these can be affected by factors like mood and motivation. QbTest provides a clear picture of a patient's attention and impulse control, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis. Additionally, QbTest can be particularly helpful in tracking a patient's progress over time. Patients can complete the test at various intervals throughout treatment, allowing doctors to see whether their symptoms are improving and make adjustments to their treatment plan as needed.

Neurology and cognitive certifications

Learn more about QBTech testing

  • How do I know if I have ADHD?

    Do I have ADHD? It's a common question that drives our patients to seek professional help.

  • How do I pay for neurological and cognitive services?

    We currently offer self-pay services for the conditions we treat. In the future, we will begin accepting private insurance.

  • What type of experience do you have treating ADHD?

    Karina Campos, founder of Neurokin holds a specialty certification in ADHD and has extensive knowledge in neurological conditions. As an adult gerontology nurse practitioner, she has experience distinguishing between undiagnosed ADHD and memory concerns related to cognitive impairment in older adults.

  • Do women and men show different symptoms of ADHD?

    ADHD symptoms can look different in men and women, adults and children. Your practitioner will look for the best indications of symptoms related to your specific condition and knows how to spot symptoms that don’t match outdated textbook definitions of ADHD (which was studied almost exclusively in young boys, not women or girls).

  • Is it possible to have multiple conditions at the same time?

    In short, yes, it is. The providers at Neurokin are not afraid to carefully understand and diagnose even overlapping conditions, so that you can receive the tailored care that’s right for your mind and body.

  • What qualifies Neurokin to provide such unique cognitive services?

    Neurokin’s lead practitioner (Karina Campos) is a board certified adult-gerontology nurse practitioner. This allows her to offer comprehensive cognitive health treatments to a wide range of patients. Her experience and hands-on knowledge as a neurology nurse practitioner helped her build a unique skillset to help the patients that need it most.

  • What other conditions do you treat?

    In addition to adult ADHD treatment, we also offer treatment for several other conditions. These include headaches and migraines, concussions and dizziness, and memory concerns related to dementia.

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